Is Breastfeeding an issue in your office?

Pediatrics, 28 de Abril de 2017

The Baby-Friendly Initiative from UNICEF is well known in hospitals all over the world. The initiative was initiated by paediatricians who are convinced by the superior features of  breastfeeding for development  and survival. This attitude alone does not help to promote institutional and effective measures. AAP is pioneering the first time a breastfeeding policy in offices of primary care paediatricians. This measure is very much needed in my opinion.

I myself have seen very well organized practices with a excellent breastfeeding atmosphere. A few paediatric practices in several European look old- fashioned.  You can see formula advertisement- posters, formula samples and bottles to take home- overt violations of the Innocenti Declaration.  Formula industry still finances our meetings – no problem?.  It is time for change.

The new AAP documents may help to check and eventually change your office. The question is whether your paediatric team promotes the best nutrition ever or not.  This is valid for all countries independent whoever the medical caretaker in first instance is.


Reading recommended by Gottfried Huss, President ECPCP

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